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May 2014

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i came up with a new prayer recently:
to whom it may concern,
thank you for this moment, and the last, and if i live long enough, the next.
yours truly,

on the way to school this morning, a half dozen kids led by a police officer passed me on their bikes on the sidewalk. the cop gave me a big smile and said, "moin moin!" which is sooooooo hamburger. it was adorable. the weather (raining and grey, as usual) was also typically hamburger. but i didn't mind. i was happy.

today? another awesome german class nailed. more with the adjectives, and lots of writing practice. i'm so excited that i'm actually understanding stuff, and also asking smart questions. like, what's the difference between something is "so ... wie" versus "genauso ... wie"? answer? there isn't one. aha. ( ... indicates where an adjective would go. so ... wie translates to as ... as, ie. indicating how two things are the same). also enjoyed a conversation with the teacher after class about tuition rate differences. europeans are so convinced that their tuition rates are so much cheaper, and if you're a citizen that's true: average university tuition runs about five hundred euro per term, sometimes per year. and sometimes it's even less. but if you're not an EU citizen? multiply that by ten or twenty. i'm still totally amazed that i can hold a conversation about more complicated topics than ever before.

also, having been hanging around almost exclusively with mathematicians of the highest order of late, it's also nice to be reminded that i'm smart. floyd says i am, and even has said how my german is better than his, but it's hard to believe that sometimes. like, i have to be reminded that oh yeah, i WAS accepted into the gifted program and flourished therein... it's sometimes hard to remember, though, when i don't have any letters like BA, or PhD or anything similar after my name.

anyhoo, this is really exciting. i love learning.

then again, i would really love to live in a country where i didn't HAVE TO learn the local language. it'd be nice if i could study things because i wanted to, and could revel in the joy of expanding my mind, rather than chafing at how i was being forced to study in order to surive.

on the subject of living in a country where i was familiar with the language, no news yet about the canuck job for floyd yet. i'm hoping we'll hear by next week.

i was also thinking that it sure would be nice for him to get that job so that i could try to get back to thinking about my faith again without wanting something, yknow? i mean, there's many reasons why it'd be great for him to get the job. but i've found that recently, it's pretty rare that i indulge in anything spiritual other than in a prayer wanting something. so i'm trying to be more mindful of my faith and the object thereof, and incorporating it in more aspects of my life. hence the new prayer, above.

and that closes the narrative circle quite nicely for now.


There are many people I know walking around with graduate degrees who are as dumb as a sack of hammers. As I get older I realize being "good" at school isn't the same as having any intelligence.
so true!
and even then, being incredibly intelligent is nigh-useless without empathy.

but it's nice to be reminded that i, too, am smrt.